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  We are professionally  trained by each manufacture we represent and can assist you in many areas of compliance and safety training. We make it a priority that our customers are informed and advised when new laws or standards to safety regulations change. We PRIDE ourselves on being the best in the PNW  when it comes to providing timely and quality information through the below services we offer to End users and our Distribution partners.

Additional Services:

  • Plant surveys

  • Sales calls with distribution partners

  • Sales calls on behalf of distribution partners

  • Cost savings analysis for end-users and distribution partners

  • Consult on new industry standards and policies

  • Attend open house events

  • Attend trade shows

  • Product training for distribution partners and end-users

  • Hands-on product demonstrations

  • Ladder inspections and ladder safety training

  • Fall protection basic awareness training

  • E-commerce management and consulting

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